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Why am I suited to help you run with your product? It’s what I do every day with my work. Over the years packaging up and sending out hundreds of emails with mini projects and ideas. Big and small, failures and successes. Every time, testing with an audience, trying to gain insight into what makes people tick and what makes people go “ooooohhh this is amazzinnnng.”

Death to the Stock Photo  (My full time thing).

Founded and grew to 500k subscribers and over $1M in revenue.

Creative Caffeine Newsletter (My most enjoyable creative practice.)

A regular email conversation about being an artist today with notes, discoveries, and questions.

The First 4 Years Podcast (Where I’m learning the most.)

Everyone talks with those at the top of their craft, the founder who started a Billion Dollar Company and the Artist who spoke at Google. But what about making the first step into the creative field? What about how someone who’s just starting out can go from employed to self-employed? In this show, I try and dissect some of my early struggles and speak with guests about the first 4 years in business.

Killer Brand Marketing – Most people feel gross about using marketing tactics, hacks, or what I call “manipulations.” Killer Brand Marketing is my method for coaching individuals and brands through growing an audience in a way that’s human, repeatable, and feels natural for their brand.

The Mystery USB – A USB drive packed with mystery media that arrives at your doorstep and helps you when you have a creative emergency.  (Sold Out)


Knickerbocker x DTS (video)

Studio Session with Lloyd Harmon

Wild Imagination Road Trip



I collect inspiration, write about it, think on it, and generally work to keep my mind sharp. The value of working together is in customized, nuanced creative built around you and your goals for your product.

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