Sunday Caffeine – Life Audit

An audio note from the desert.   Whatup Artists, welcome back.Somehow I’m still in the desert. Each medium provides me a different outlet, a different perspective on the same ideas. I pick up my phone, record an audio, add to Soundcloud, “lock” and put it in my bag. Grab my SonyA6300x, snap a wide image, tether […]

Sunday Caffeine – The Arc is Long

Hey hey, welcome back to the world, it’s May. This is no agenda..err Creative Caffeine. I’m headed to a coffee shop in the desert. The temp is 98 degrees. Once again I’m looking for a way for my many projects to intertwine perfectly, which has never been the case. I’ve got new brand assets to […]

Sunday Caffeine – Distortion Bubbles

Hey, Hey Morning er.. Evening? Back to earth. Time well spent: Run/walk outside (Earth Day). Time with friends for dinner (Baco’ = Bread Tacos) A gallery show… more Mad Men episodes. I’m looking to purchase the full script to read it end to end but it appears the only way to do that is at the […]

Sunday Caffeine – Wild World

Hey Hey, welcome back to the advanced digital compression engine aka Life. Writing to you this week from Vegas. It’s my first time on the Strip, and the W has been the perfect little oasis away from most crowds. Everything here is over the top but has a gritty undertone to it. I sort of love it. […]

Sunday Caffeine – First Principles, Chronos

7:29:04 — Welcome back to earth, circa 2018. April 8th, to be precise. This community has special abilities. The thoughtful comments in response to each email, the ideas and dots being connected… our weekly Friday hangouts. But, I agree with this note from a subscriber, Hanna. “Not to bash the email full of email replies, […]

Sunday Caffeine – The Brilliance

Annnnd we’re back. Happy Easter. Happy Passover. Happy fourth month of the year. Let’s continue, shall we? Last week I was quiet. I attended a conference in San Diego (Barrio Logan) and met some internet people for coffee and tacos (Salud!). The thing about conferences is… the value is being on stage. New goal: aim to attend […]

Sunday Caffeine – Small Moments

Hey all, welcome back to Earth. Same laptop, different backdrop. Traveling again. Hanging out in San Diego to drop by a conference and see some internet-friends. While here it’s the usual thing; a well crafted Airbnb (OneBunk SD) and getting to know some like-minded people. Out back there’s a shipping container and a black cat […]

Sunday Caffeine – Brave Territory

Hello Hello, Welcome back to another beautiful day on earth! I’m writing to you again with a flurry of other posts on the way. That, and working through understanding the world of live-streaming. Hitting the circuit and considering options. There’s Twitch but that’s for gamers, and Youtube has the distribution. Still, you’ve got to run open […]

Sunday Caffeine – Time to Play

Welcome to another day on earth, about as good as ever to be here! You wake up, and for a few moments, things are in balance. You’re aware and present and there’s a savory moment where you have no expectation or real memory and you’re just there in bed or in the shower… The thing […]