Art you smart enough? Of course you are! Now I’m not talking about astro-physics or building a Deep Mind computer. But to run a company, to make a change in the world, to do something that makes a difference… You’ve got what it takes. The problem is you’ve probably questioned that your whole life. School […]

I want you to go for a walk

I want you to go for a walk. If you’re reading this on your computer, at home or at work, stop reading now and bring it back up while you’re on your phone. I can wait. Hit “unread” and come back when you have the time. …. Are you mobile? Good. Now that you’re here […]

Sunday Briefing – Spirited Away

The reason you didn’t hear from as much last week is that I don’t send on a schedule. Nights, weekends, mornings… I only share things when I can’t help but hit send. My email outbox is more like a magnet than a megaphone. Why waste your time, or mine, on something that doesn’t have that feeling behind […]

Mail, Re: 2018

I spend time that (I think) a lot of people waste looking at their phone or TV, doing absolutely anything else… reading, walking, digging, being outside, going to a class, cooking, writing, talking. Two years ago I made some big changes in my life and I’m still reaping the rewards of a changing mindset, perspective […]


Almost time to turn the heat up again. Last year, 2017, the theme I set for myself was Turning Pro.  At 26, I wanted to leverage my past work growth and momentum into professionalism. Showing up and doing the work. So I dedicated my year to channeling my inner-Pressfield. 2017 was one hell of a year: […]

Solving other people’s problems

Can start after solving your own. After pain, after struggle, or after working really hard to get somewhere, we see more clearly. That newfound site you’ve earned can be a gift to those still only seeing clouds. Have a great rest of your week. xx David

Signed, your name.

Today I got a generous email that changed my attitude for the day. It might not make total sense to you, but for me, it was just the right type of message at the right time. I wanted to share it with you alongside another kind email I have saved in my inbox from the […]

Re: Sticky Note

Re: Sticky Note My sticky note says (quoting Derek Sivers) “What if you didn’t need the money or attention?” I’ve been chewing on this thought for months (years?) now. Loving it, and hating it at the same time. 😉 – Mathias Maul ___________________________ Not on my mirror, but on my computer monitor. It says “Good […]

Sticky Note

You put a sticky note on your mirror. Now, when you wake up it’s always there, looming. Reminding you of that feeling you had when you set an intention. When you had the feeling that anything was possible. Each day you wake up and you try and not look at it. Each day you try […]


It all starts with how you see yourself. Every time we confuse ourselves as the bubbles on the right, who we are shrinks down to fit an idea that is smaller than us.