Sunday Caffeine – Distortion Bubbles

Hey, Hey Morning er.. Evening? Back to earth. Time well spent: Run/walk outside (Earth Day). Time with friends for dinner (Baco’ = Bread Tacos) A gallery show… more Mad Men episodes. I’m looking to purchase the full script to read it end to end but it appears the only way to do that is at the […]

The Inspiration Formula

  Art is about the approach to your craft! And that’s why it’s so mysterious. Could I really write up a post that gives you a “how to” for being the Beatles? Or Michael Jackson? Or Jackson Pollack or Patti Smith? A formula for inspiration? It doesn’t exist. We want prescriptions, and we want to […]

Getting “good” at meditation and yoga.

Getting “Good” at Yoga I got an email the other day with a note from a Yoga teacher in Columbus who’s class I used to attend. She said she’d taken this down in her notebook about a year ago: “I’ll often hear students say, “I’m not good at yoga.” What does ‘good’ at yoga mean? I […]

Do you believe in ghosts?

She asked. “Ha, No…” I replied. We had just trespassed onto a structure that looked like a small section of the Great Wall of China. This was at the edge of the city of Toledo, Spain, right by the Tagus river. We’d left our rooms around 10:30 as it was too hot to sleep inside. What […]

Simple Statements

Communication is the hardest part. Ditto for simplicity. Art can’t be measured – despite the marketer’s best attempts. Marketing, when done right… is art. Don’t be surprised if making money is at odds with what is working to garner attention. Plan on doing something the same way for 5 years? Yeah right. What you consume […]

Being You

We all just want to be free to be ourselves, don’t we? Isn’t that what we’re really after? But most of the time we don’t feel like we’ll be accepted as just that. So instead we learn to act a bit different for acceptance. And maybe it’s an age thing and my compatriots are still […]

Status and Shame

This is one of the most important ideas to understand of our time. And Seth Godin brings the concept of “Status Roles” it into the conversation in his new podcast, Akimbo. Seth uses stories to help illustrate his point about status roles, and for some, they will listen and be merely entertained. But if you […]

Feast On Your Life

You’ll wake up tomorrow and it will be Monday. Your weekend in the rear-view, the dinner with friends, and the corner seat at the coffee shop by the window, the service, and the store. You’ll read this on the train or after you get into the office. And you’ll step into a new day, a […]

Today’s Tea Leaves

We’re going to see an exodus back to personal blogs and email lists. The creative industry is remembering that ownership matters in a world where the margins of getting noticed and standing out are getting thinner. To set yourself apart sometimes takes controlling the entire experience. So use the platform to gain strength and then bring […]

Control / Letting Go

Control I first learned it building Lego sets. I had a huge collection. Thousands of pieces, instructions, existing creations, and supplies to create additions of my own choosing. I would build the set piece by piece to get it fully complete. The world was for me to shape, manipulate, and re-imagine. Letting go I first learned […]