Do we need more stuff? I just got back from a long weekend in Escondido, staying in the above-pictured mansion. When you split a place with 11 people in an Airbnb you can live like a king for the price of a hotel. I woke up standing on a balcony overlooking a lake, mountains and […]


Art you smart enough? Of course you are! Now I’m not talking about astro-physics or building a Deep Mind computer. But to run a company, to make a change in the world, to do something that makes a difference… You’ve got what it takes. The problem is you’ve probably questioned that your whole life. School […]

UX vs. Copywriting

They have the same goal. And both can be applied to create something unique. Great copy can move people. It creates a dissonance and a release that gives us a deep feeling of connection, in the same way a beautiful visual or ad can. But UX is a frontier which allows you to build your […]

Creative Caffeine – Today’s Moment of Gratitude

When I think about my day, and how I spend my time, I’m starting to see how simple it really is. Most of how I spend my time now is dedicated to this small screen of my computer or phone. Sure, it’s a scary place, a stressful place, or mean place… if you let it […]

What is Productivity?

  Time is a poor measure. Yet, that’s the system we’re still in. I’ve had a hard time in the past understanding if I’m being productive or not. I’d get to the end of the day, and if there were hours still available and I’d feel pressure to fill that space because it feels like […]

What is Art?

    Art is everything you don’t have to do, but choose to do. Art is the decision to go above and beyond. It’s an overflowing cup. Transactional work is uninspiring (You give me this, I give you that). Art is giving someone your humanity, listening with empathy, sharing your experience. Making someone feel. We need […]

Sunday Caffeine – Distortion Bubbles

Hey, Hey Morning er.. Evening? Back to earth. Time well spent: Run/walk outside (Earth Day). Time with friends for dinner (Baco’ = Bread Tacos) A gallery show… more Mad Men episodes. I’m looking to purchase the full script to read it end to end but it appears the only way to do that is at the […]

The Inspiration Formula

  Art is about the approach to your craft! And that’s why it’s so mysterious. Could I really write up a post that gives you a “how to” for being the Beatles? Or Michael Jackson? Or Jackson Pollack or Patti Smith? A formula for inspiration? It doesn’t exist. We want prescriptions, and we want to […]

Getting “good” at meditation and yoga.

Getting “Good” at Yoga I got an email the other day with a note from a Yoga teacher in Columbus who’s class I used to attend. She said she’d taken this down in her notebook about a year ago: “I’ll often hear students say, “I’m not good at yoga.” What does ‘good’ at yoga mean? I […]

Do you believe in ghosts?

She asked. “Ha, No…” I replied. We had just trespassed onto a structure that looked like a small section of the Great Wall of China. This was at the edge of the city of Toledo, Spain, right by the Tagus river. We’d left our rooms around 10:30 as it was too hot to sleep inside. What […]