Shouting is not the answer. We click the link but we don’t stick around. We only stay for that which has a certain weight to it. A certain magic that comes from insight, context, and a sweet spot that’s hard to describe. When it hits you, you know. As for finding that balance for yourself, […]

The Seasons

Winter It always lasts longer than you want. I’ve spent long bouts of time here. Uninspired, stuck, feeling stir-crazy. Mostly, it’s because I can’t see what’s keeping me blocked, and time and energy seem to be moving slowly.  It’s like the color is all gone and you forget about what it felt like to run […]

Life on Schedule

My headphones were in, it was hot, and steam was shooting out along with an occasional *BANG* that came from somewhere deep inside the machine. I was staring directly into a giant industrial dishwasher machine at my college job as dishwasher for the university’s catering company. Steam was all around me as 100’s if not […]

Holiday Unwind

Finally, some time to unwind.  A few days.. but I’ll take what I can get. Or rather, I’ll take what I give myself. If you own your own business, you know that you can never really turn off; Never really sleep with both eyes fully closed. I got together with a friend who’s grown a […]

I bought clothing over Facetime

  I can’t help but raise my hand first for this type of stuff, it’s in my nature. I’m in bed late in the afternoon, and an email about shopping with a brand that’s been catching my eye. So I click a link, and then I’m on with Ariel, a manager at the store as […]

Leveling Up

Every time I’m about to level up in my career, every time I can start to see a new area of territory that can be explored… I hesitate. It’s uncomfortable to leap into something you’ve never done before. You don’t know what the fall will feel like. And you wonder… will there be a soft […]

Consumers Today

If you expect valuable media online, expect to start paying for it. With the explosion of free content abundant on any channel, everything has gotten crowded. The hype machine of marketers has given us overflowing feeds of content streaming through Facebook, Instagram and other media sites on the web. And we’re about to see the […]

Artists Today

Artists today go direct. If you want to build an audience, go to the distribution channels with the most potential that will put the most gas on the fire. The earlier you arrive, the more opportunity you have. People need to get a taste of what you make and get a sense of the quality. […]

I See Artists Everywhere

Art is about how you approach the craft! It’s something we’ve said at DTS for a while. “We believe that artists exist everywhere: Accountants, interior decorators, teachers, professional party throwers…being an artist is about how you approach your craft rather than a title you acquire. “ Like a story from last night when I saw art in an unexpected place. […]

5 rules for creators

I was recently on a podcast with an agency here in Los Angeles called Matte Black. They asked me to bring five things that I thought made the difference for artists and creatives looking to build their project or discover their path. These have been some things that have been consistently there in the background […]