Community Hangout // 002

Hey all, Doing an impromptu community hangout/livestream in the next 5-10 minutes (~12:20 PM PST.) Use this link here to join: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_h_pMOvbFk Agenda No real agenda, browsing the web, Q&A chatting about new projects, recent posts. Bring your own tea/coffee or link of preference. Think of this like our coffee shop, a study hall.. browsing the […]

Status and Shame

This is one of the most important ideas to understand of our time. And Seth Godin brings the concept of “Status Roles” it into the conversation in his new podcast, Akimbo. Seth uses stories to help illustrate his point about status roles, and for some, they will listen and be merely entertained. But if you […]

Sunday Briefing – Spirited Away

The reason you didn’t hear from as much last week is that I don’t send on a schedule. Nights, weekends, mornings… I only share things when I can’t help but hit send. My email outbox is more like a magnet than a megaphone. Why waste your time, or mine, on something that doesn’t have that feeling behind […]

Terry Crews on Tim Ferriss

It’s one of my favorite interviews of the past year. I had tuned out from the Ferriss podcast about six months back; I’d felt sick of hearing too much logical thinking and mechanical approaches to living life. But ever since Tim has started to become a bit more emotionally focused he’s hit his stride. Not […]