Mail, Re: 2018

I spend time that (I think) a lot of people waste looking at their phone or TV, doing absolutely anything else… reading, walking, digging, being outside, going to a class, cooking, writing, talking. Two years ago I made some big changes in my life and I’m still reaping the rewards of a changing mindset, perspective […]

RE: Ideas for Coffee Shops

Assorted Community Response, Re: Ideas for Coffee Shops ——————————————— Spyhouse is definitely one of the best-designed coffee shops I’ve ever experienced. For me, though, the coffee from Dogwood blows Spyhouse out of the water — but their coffee bars aren’t all perfect for work. And of course, Stumptown at the Ave is freelancer heaven. I have a […]

Faces: Detroit

I stopped through Detroit on the way back home for the holiday and offered up portraits to anyone on this list who wanted to swing by. It was a great way to meet a bunch of people local to the area, and I’m looking forward to doing this again soon in the next city I […]

Re: Sticky Note

Re: Sticky Note My sticky note says (quoting Derek Sivers) “What if you didn’t need the money or attention?” I’ve been chewing on this thought for months (years?) now. Loving it, and hating it at the same time. 😉 – Mathias Maul ___________________________ Not on my mirror, but on my computer monitor. It says “Good […]

Free Portraits, Detroit

I’m flying to Detroit this weekend (Nov 17-21st) to meet up with friends for a mini-creative retreat. We’re going to spend 3 or 4 days holed up trying to tune out the noise. It’ll be a good time to close in on some opportunities before I gorge myself at the family Thanksgiving back in Ohio. […]

Re: Community Hour

Hey, evening. I’m here wrapping up work at the space and sipping a coffee that I promised myself I wouldn’t drink. Earlier today, I had an interview with Alexandra Franzen for my podcast (ep out Tuesday). I also spoke with a PM at Buffer (s/o to Surpassana) to discuss Bitcoin’s latest rally and did some […]

Community Hour: Friday

Hey, Tomorrow is the first community hour, and I hope you’ll join. It’s live at 11:30 PST this Friday (I’m based in Los Angeles). Use this link to access when it’s time: https://www.twitch.tv/events/Dq55vJfDQdeaMxeOceM4AQ Looking forward to it. Xx David [Q&A, Discussing what’s next for the community, Self-Perception, Rules for Creators, Artists Everywhere, Podcasts, Ten Meter Tower, etc.]

Re: I See Artists Everywhere

Re: I see artists everywhere. David, So… I live around the corner from Kotoya, off Bundy. Yeah, I know exactly what you are talking about. Anyway, I am a High School art teacher and half my job is interacting with people. (Try getting a room full of eye-rolling adolescents enthused about anything) Every day is a […]