“Artist Lessons”

Thoughts on building a professional network

I work from home. I don’t see people that often. So for me, I’ve been able to really lean on a supergroup of online friends, collaborators, and instigators to help me get out of a rut of feeling too down about not having people I can talk to… It’s definitely not perfect, and if I’m […]

Reinvention, and Going Through a Transition

The cycles of transition and reinvention are speeding up. We used to stay in one job, one town, for 40 years. Today, we may switch jobs every 2 years, locations every four, and industries every six. I’m going to explain what it looks like to go through a transition or reinvention. This isn’t to give […]

The Reason Ideas Spread (To Early Adopters)

THE great indicator of growth is that which cannot be tracked: Word of mouth, person to person. When an idea flows through the culture… When it spreads on its own… How can you create something that does this? I’ll lay out the simple, difficult kernel of how this works. It’s the key to understanding early […]

I won’t give you advice

I took a survey and received 400+ responses from readers. I nearly cried reading them. The question I asked was this:  What is the single biggest challenge you have as a creative today? (Just a few of the responses below) _________ “I’ve been having a rather tough time following my thoughts and turning them into […]

The 3 Businesses

Businesses have 3 problems. Reduce the friction in any of these three problems, and you’ll find you successful spot within an organization. From HBR (Unbundling the Corporation): When you look beneath the surface of most companies, you find three kinds of businesses —a customer relationship business, a product innovation business, and an infrastructure business. Although organizationally intertwined, […]


Art you smart enough? Of course you are! Now I’m not talking about astro-physics or building a Deep Mind computer. But to run a company, to make a change in the world, to do something that makes a difference… You’ve got what it takes. The problem is you’ve probably questioned that your whole life. School […]

Business as Machine

A business is like a machine in the garage. Each morning I wake up and I open the door to my garage, turn on the lights, and get out my tools. The machine I’m making only has one purpose. My aim is to make this machine drive and drive beautifully. Fast, sure. Elegantly, definitely. It will break […]

The Attention Economy

We’re living in the attention economy. But the more you shout, the fewer results you’re getting! The problem isn’t SEO, the lack of a social media intern, or PR. Something is broken with the way we approach acquiring customers, leads, and fans. Because most of these solutions… provide only cosmetic fixes. (Doctoring up your brand […]

Looking Through The Lens

We’re all living in our own delusion. The world is incredibly complex, and we’re underprepared to understand it. Being that we can’t understand it, we simplify it by creating a type of lens from which to view everything through. This is our worldview or our lens. It’s the sum of all of our experiences baked […]

Our Attention

I lay back on the couch with my feet up, my phone glowing as the sun is finally setting. 8:23. Santa Monica. ——– Reviewing my email, I begin to see that I am entirely uninterested in about 95% of the email that’s in my inbox. Gmail has even created a tab for them. “Promotions” ….. […]