“Artist Lessons”

Growing Beyond Average

  There are infinite ways to experience life. Some say that this because for each person, their environment is different. Others say, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Or, that for whatever experience there is, it’s said, “that’s life.” It is true that your life experience “ […]

What Great Artists Know…

  How is it that a great painter or sculpture or poet can create every day? How is it that they can show up day after day to build their body of work and art? How is it that an improv actor can go on stage night after night with new material? Or a comic […]

The Secret That Only You Know

There is an idea which you’ve kept cocooned from the world. Often you yourself have even forgotten about it, as it may be long durations of time before it bubbles up again. It comes out only late at night, or during a long walk in the woods. Or a solo-drive. It is an image that […]

A Quick and Incomplete Work History

  Try and create a custom, pocket bike-lock, attempt to raise funding, fail Work in catering, determined to not do this forever, succeed. Try and start an internship website, not that serious about it, fail. Start working with PR/Branding studio, think I can do freelance on my own, do that for a year. mostly fail. […]

Decision Heuristics

The truth is most decisions are made in the past, and we’re just continuing to follow through with them. Some of which are unconscious, set like guard rails that never allow us to go too fast, or never too far. These are our fears, our beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of. […]

Art is Rebellion

We might take weeks, months, or years talking about making a film. Or thinking of picking up a camera and doing our first shoot. Or making our first song and hitting “publish.” And then there’s those who have put themselves on the line so consistently, in such raw form that we marvel at what they […]

A mirror for your growth

  The dirty secret of the startup industry is… It’s an emotional roller coaster, with yourself. Starting and running a company, launching a creative project, changing careers… these take a massive emotional toll. I’ve been there. I bootstrapped a company at 23, hitting $1M in revenue… and then got shingles at 26 from stress. Which […]

Action vs. Reaction

  The way to get more done isn’t to add more hours. Or insert “x” new productivity hack into your life. It is to stay free from the time commitments and interests of others. To avoid being swept up into the sea of expectations and interests. Each day, we function from one or two places. […]

Change Happens

As water is pulled up into the atmosphere and cooled, upon reaching the right conditions, the cloud begins to rain… In heating a pot on the stove, at a certain point, the conditions create boiling. If dust is inhaled and you look at a bright light your body triggers a sneeze. Conditions which find the […]


Do we need more stuff? I just got back from a long weekend in Escondido, staying in the above-pictured mansion. When you split a place with 11 people in an Airbnb you can live like a king for the price of a hotel. I woke up standing on a balcony overlooking a lake, mountains and […]