“Artist Lessons”

Visionary Quotes

Since I have always preferred making plans to executing them, I have gravitated towards situations and systems that, once set into operation, could create music with little or no intervention on my part. That is to say, I tend towards the roles of the planner and programmer, and then become an audience to the results. […]


Shouting is not the answer. We click the link but we don’t stick around. We only stay for that which has a certain weight to it. A certain magic that comes from insight, context, and a sweet spot that’s hard to describe. When it hits you, you know. As for finding that balance for yourself, […]

Terry Crews on Tim Ferriss

It’s one of my favorite interviews of the past year. I had tuned out from the Ferriss podcast about six months back; I’d felt sick of hearing too much logical thinking and mechanical approaches to living life. But ever since Tim has started to become a bit more emotionally focused he’s hit his stride. Not […]

The Seasons

Winter It always lasts longer than you want. I’ve spent long bouts of time here. Uninspired, stuck, feeling stir-crazy. Mostly, it’s because I can’t see what’s keeping me blocked, and time and energy seem to be moving slowly.  It’s like the color is all gone and you forget about what it felt like to run […]

Life on Schedule

My headphones were in, it was hot, and steam was shooting out along with an occasional *BANG* that came from somewhere deep inside the machine. I was staring directly into a giant industrial dishwasher machine at my college job as dishwasher for the university’s catering company. Steam was all around me as 100’s if not […]

I was in over my head as a DJ

    ::: 1 Hour until guests arrive It was only upon arrival that the thought crossed my mind. I had just parked outside a hotel downtown, and I was early. I felt calm, mostly. It was my first real DJ gig in public, a fancy charity event for about ~75–125 people that ran $100 […]