“Artist Lessons”

The Things We Cover Up…

  Keep us stuck. The thing that is most difficult about being stuck is admitting it. It is Honesty that frees us and opens us up to new possibilities. In our professional lives, we lie to ourselves constantly. Not the type of “lie” that we’re taught about in grade school, the “lie” that is mean […]


When we don’t know what to do. When we don’t know what to say. When we don’t know how to start. We mimic another. We copy a method. And we do so, out of fear. We believe that if we are simply to try something on our own it will surely fail. And because we’re […]

What We Want

  We don’t get what we want. We get what we need. We get what we can’t, not have. And so a question to ask yourself is… What is it that would be unacceptable for me to NOT have in the next year, or 5 years? We arrive at the floor of our expectations, every […]

Stories and Symbols

  Symbols and Stories Guide us. Why else would they be so prevelant? They’ve been used since the beginning of time to point us in directions. To take our self, moving through space and alter our course of action and direction. To unite and rally a direction. And guide the desire of groups toward a […]

We See, We Create.

  Inside the mind of an artist, there is a revolution unfolding. And this revolution is their Life. It’s what we witness around us; and the distinction between what we thought we knew, and what we come to understand. Because with each movement of feelings, each change in perspective, there is a lesson. And this […]

Great Art Comes From Nowhere

Every blank page, every open design file, every pause before a presentation, is an opportunity. It is an invitation. There is space to be filled. But how one goes about filling it, determines it’s resonance. It is here that begins a critical problem for the creative. They now feel that space must be filled. They […]

The Hidden Cost of Growth Hacks

Hello from the other side. I’m East of San Bernadino today in the mountains, with tea and a window view of fog and sunlight heating the frozen mountainside. There are no clear resolutions or goals for me, rather deeper dedication and commitments. One of which I hope to illustrate below, as you have the same […]

Growing Beyond Average

  There are infinite ways to experience life. Some say that this because for each person, their environment is different. Others say, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Or, that for whatever experience there is, it’s said, “that’s life.” It is true that your life experience “ […]

What Great Artists Know…

  How is it that a great painter or sculpture or poet can create every day? How is it that they can show up day after day to build their body of work and art? How is it that an improv actor can go on stage night after night with new material? Or a comic […]

The Secret That Only You Know

There is an idea which you’ve kept cocooned from the world. Often you yourself have even forgotten about it, as it may be long durations of time before it bubbles up again. It comes out only late at night, or during a long walk in the woods. Or a solo-drive. It is an image that […]