Hey, I’m David. I’m a Los Angeles based brand strategist and creator.

In 2013, I started Death to the Stock Photo and bootstrapped it to 500,000+ Subscribers and $1Million+ Revenue through authentic, human-driven media and communication.

Through this process, I’ve helped produce over 100+ media campaigns, written hundreds of emails to hundreds of thousands of subscribers around the globe, and ironed out a process for working with artists and entrepreneurs to create meaningful change to the way they approach their work.

If you’ve successfully launched a project or business (>$10k+MRR) and have exhausted your brand/marketing options and need extra creative energy, you can see about working with me here.


Death to the Stock Photo  

Death to Stock is a creative subscription that regularly releases unique, downloadable media-packages (Photo, video, illustration etc.) to elevate your work to a higher standard.

These packages are produced directly with the artist to ensure quality, exclusivity, and freshness. Each of our packages contains story, prompts, and themes intended to develop your artistic perspective.

Creative Caffeine Newsletter

A daily newsletter that provides…

  • Industry insights: Giving context to real-time news, relevant to artists and creators.
  • Personal stories: Using my experiences with my network and day to day life to shed light on interesting parts of the human condition.
  • Community feedback: Sharing emails I get from this community broadly so as to share multiple perspectives.

No Agenda.

A livestream show about surfing the web with your favorite Artists and Creators. Every Friday, live on Twitch at 11 PST.

The First 4 Years

In this Podcast, I try and dissect some of my early struggles and speak with guests about the first 4 years in business.


I used to shoot photography professionally, but now I take a few projects a year if I love the artist or brand.

My work, in 3 simple ideas.

1. Resource Artists and Creators (with insight, connections, and investment).

2. Teach what I know (Advise to build action and momentum when clients or audience members get stuck).

3. Lead by example (walk the walk).


Non-Conformist Empire Builders

I work with clients who…

1.  Build and launch multiple brands or companies over their lifetime.

2. Break Rules, the kind that helps others instead of hurt.

3. Win by Being Themselves, instead of following others (typically reject the status quo).

It takes a community.

(in no particular order, and with many exceptions)

Thanks to :

Allie Lehman, Doug Joseph, Jay Clouse, Patty, Brian Zuercher, Shaun Singh, Corey Morgan, Willis Jackson, Adam Lehman, Nils Root, Seth Dunlap,  Chris McAlister, Patrick Chin, my Mom, Michael Albert, Grant Spanier,  Zach Boerger, Melissa, the first 400 people that signed up for Death to Stock Premium when it was just a landing page, Ben Gilbert, Jared Gibbons, Mark Stansbury, Tania, Andy Sparks, Rich Langdale, Staci Haush, Elisabeth Taverierny, Jason Ross, Jenny, Dad, Dan Rockwell,  Nate Embrey, Christian Deuber, Mick at One Line, Joe from Mission, Joy Bailer, Joana Galvao, Val Geisler, Eric Junker, Airbnb, Carol Walden, Luca, Paul Jarvis, Clayton Fuller, Zach Freidman, Andrew and Scott, Ben Rudolph, Greg, Chase, and Jordan, Seth Godin, Val Geisler, Eric my tax guy, Startup Weekend, Harrison Westfall, Nick Seguin, Jason Zook, Dennis Feild, Andy Johnson, Patrick Pohler, Leah Bell,  Kelly Pierson, Elise Knueven, Tim Scullen, Bobby Jocson, Lot 2046, Faith Anne, Ashton Gaitanos, Andy Betz, Mailchimp, and so many more…