Sunday Caffeine – Distortion Bubbles

Hey, Hey Morning er.. Evening?

Back to earth.

Time well spent: Run/walk outside (Earth Day).
Time with friends for dinner (Baco’ = Bread Tacos)
A gallery show… more Mad Men episodes.

I’m looking to purchase the full script to read it end to end but it appears the only way to do that is at the Writers Guild Foundation’s Library up by Canters.

Apparently, the whole thing is just sitting there on an iPad! Time to get my glasses and library card out.

Right now I’m posted up a the Ace Hotel.

I like it here.


Distortion Bubbles

They are unseen forces driving us, like a gravity, towards or away from something that we can’t seem to help.

Like Love.

Have you ever known someone in a terrible relationship but for some reason they just can’t see it?

They think the person is so cute or handsome, and that they are the most amazing person and if only others could see it?

They overlook the flaws, the emotional abuse…

Because something inside of them can’t see things for how they are.

They’re caught in a distortion bubble of the sub-conscious.

And instead of seeing things for what they are, they filter it in a way that keeps them stuck where they are. This happens in our relationships, our work, our creativity. Pretty much anywhere where we feel a compelling need to justify.



When you’re trapped in a net, the more you struggle the more you get wrapped tighter.

But for distortion bubbles, freedom is often just simply seeing it differently.

The problem is you’ve made the situation so huge in your mind that it’s warped and refracted and made out to be something it’s not.

And isn’t it always so clear to others?

If someone asks you for advice we’re eloquent and have all the answers.
But when we turn the magnifying glass back on us…

We can’t see it. Or we can but it’s too tangled and complex.

So what’s the fix here?


Back to Basics

First, seeing things as they are.

Second, processing that in a way that helps you return to who you are without the distortion. In a way, you start to see your own game, how you tick and where you go astray. 

Last, for me is some mix of writing, talking with others and sitting quietly to untangle the web.

Your evolution is about seeing things clearly for yourself, about finding the truth. No outside noise, no external “should” imposing on you. We know what this is when we feel it.  Unraveling each of the places we’ve put ourselves in a net or distorted our lives with these bubbles that keep us from being who we wish to be.

That’s right, it was you all along!

Or at least your perception of things.

Not the comment someone made, but your reaction to it.
Not the situation you’re in, but your problem with it.
Not the work, but how you relate to it.

Not the stuckness… but the lack of perspective.

The good news is you’ve got all the faculties to be reborn as yourself once again. You’ve done this before, you’re resilient. Shake off the dust. 

Sometimes it just takes a day or two away from it all. 

Positive Distortion

Have you ever thought about how much time we spend thinking about the future, and how much of that is negative?

It’s like we’re spending 80% of our thinking on what could happen and how it could go wrong. If you’re creating a distortion bubble at least make it positive.

Remind yourself of your assets.

What is going well for you?

What have you learned?

What’s not going well but will actually be a good thing ultimately?

What can you give to others, especially if it’s what you’re hoping for yourself?

Our problems are often so small but to us they’re big.

We have the answers, we just don’t always go in a straight line towards them.

In the meanderings that we learn about ourselves.

And eventually

See the truth.

You’ve got a clear bright week ahead, the winds at your back and you will see the good ideas and opportunities instead of the criticisms. Talk soon.



How can a product so simple, with so few updates, stay so relevant?

Sure, they made it 280 characters now. And I’ll be honest, I think it’s improved. Was the original 140 characters a fluke? A guess? I’m not sure.

But the guard rails produce the best in all of us.

We had to constrain our thinking and become more picky about our verbiage. Some studies show Twitter is forcing people to become BETTER writers not worse.

Then there was the rise of the “Tweet Storm;” a series of Tweets rapid fire on a single topic. And Twitter still dominates the cultural conversations and breaking news.

Not to mention it’s the foremost platform where you go to learn. That’s right, many of the people on twitter are SMART. I learn something new every day there. Not just sharing about their family or the meal they ate which is all well and good, but discussing the issues, and freely sharing information with the community.

But we’re simple creatures. Much of what’s built on top of any social media platform is either more friction or a cherry on top.

What we’re really seeking is simple: expression and connection.

And Twitter helps you go their immediately.

We want to be heard, let our opinions be known, that we’re here, that we exist in the world!

And my case in point is the number of trolls on Twitter. I’m not talking about the Russian bots, but the reactionists.Those who feel it’s absolutely necessary that their opinions be known. They feel invisible otherwise!

What’s trolling if not A CRY FOR HELP!

It’s like college. You know, the big guy at the party who’s rude to everyone, and brags about how he can outdrink everyone… inside he feels invisible.

And like the world, Twitter is built on sub-cultures. No two feeds look the same.

Facebook gives you filter bubbles of the same general ideas (politics, or social situations).

Twitter gives you filter bubbles based on interest.

Like Photographer Twitter, where everyone saw open space outside of Instagram to get their work seen on a platform not inherently built for images.

Or Philosophy Twitter, where major thinkers like Naseem Taleb and Naval Ravikant talk out loud about their ideas.

And Crypto Twitter with the shills and evangelists.

And of course Political Twitter… and so on.

At the end of the day, Twitter is our Moleskin Notebook.

It’s our public notepad. And after the network got overcrowded with people over-sharing their own blog post links, we’ve returned to that simple concept.

We jot ideas down, send them out into the world and see what comes back. And we don’t overthink it. On many mediums of text, say email, we’re worried about getting something perfect, less someone calls you out on it later.

But that’s not the point! If this thing is our notepad, our discussion board, then we’re going to say ideas that we change our mind on, we’re going to throw things out just to see. Like in your diary. Maybe that’s how you feel today but tomorrow…

We’re all just exploring and sending thoughts out into the giant ocean of the internet, waiting to hear back from other souls picking up on our wavelength.

And Twitter remains a medium for that.


P.S. As you might have seen Kanye is back on Twitter and now he’s writing his “Philosophy book” out in public.

P.P.S. I Love Kanye, but to me, it’s a bit tone-deaf for the current state of the platform, in the sense that he’s ratcheted up the sharing to a 10 on “Philosophy” Twitter. Then again, people seem captivated by it, and it’s all to hype is a new album. I’m just hoping he doesn’t overhype and burn us out…

P.P.P.S. Remember, you don’t know any of these people personally or in real life. So not only can their thinking be downright wrong, but you can misconstrue it. So it’s not perfect, but the pure volume of new thinking is healthy, in doses.

The Story of May (Pt. 1)


Each of the days bleeds together, one after the other like train cars.

I wake up and shower, brush teeth and apply a variety of scents and moistures. The smells are the same. The sounds of the squeaking and creaking of pipes when I shut off the water pressure is the same. The cool fog out the window…

It’s been 6 days since I last connected.

Only 1 more until I’m able to breathe with life again.

In the hills of the distant corner of the Scottish Highlands, access to others like me is rare.

I took a camera into the town yesterday to try and capture some more of where I live. And some more of the people on the street. Can you believe that people here are still using iPods, and some have never seen a Mirrorless A9300x before?

It’s hard to stay invisible when the technology you hold sticks out like an invitation.

I spend most of my days on long walks with my camera, and then I post all of my images to a forum on the net, CC.

It’s for others to re-edit, touch up, design over or simply provide encouragement. One time someone used it as their cover art for an EP that picked up some press, that made me so happy. I know a few of the others in the CC forum pretty well. We communicate often but mostly over email, sometimes SMS. The time zones and distance makes it hard.

Thank god for the hardwired internet my father installed when his consulting job allowed him some time at home. To think about the 1TB/s net in places like Seoul makes my head heat up. I don’t like to think about it…

But tomorrow I’ll tune in again, and breathe with life. And then maybe I’ll feel some new inspirations to explore. Once you feel a certain way, it’s obvious when you don’t. So I’ll hang tight, because I know it will come back if I just wait.


Signing off now.

<3 May

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The Inspiration Formula


Art is about the approach to your craft!

And that’s why it’s so mysterious.

Could I really write up a post that gives you a “how to” for being the Beatles? Or Michael Jackson? Or Jackson Pollack or Patti Smith?

A formula for inspiration? It doesn’t exist.

We want prescriptions, and we want to follow the guidelines that will give us the outcome we’re looking to gain; because it’s so much easier to follow the template than the blank canvas. And every day a new tool pops up that tries to give us paint by numbers.

But these quick fixes give us the trap door, way out, to avoid facing what we’re really capable of. And ultimately the template won’t provide you or the people you serve with your art what they’re starving for: meaning, wonder, excitement, and stimulation.

So every time we quiet that voice in our heads and opt for the “sure bet” we’re left feeling empty.

And every time we listen to our gut and create unabashedly, we feel full.

What if we had to walk out of the woods entirely on our own to truly create what’s in us? I know, the thought is frightening.

Our greatest fear is the fear of ourselves.

Inspiration and art are something much deeper than prescription.

They are layers below the surface, at a time where so often the culture distracts us in ways that keep us at the surface.

But if you want to dig deep…

If you know this to be true emotionally rather than logically…

Then you know there’s no formula.

So how do we grow our ability as an artist?

We change our perception. We chip away at what’s false. This is how we escape from the world of “how to.”

First, and foremost, art is learning to see differently. It’s uncovering your unique perspective on the world. It’s a process of removal until you find who you are at the core. And then you learn to listen…

You build the confidence over time by tapping into a place that’s true, unobstructed by your fears or the cultural-shoulds in your head.

And eventually, that confidence turns into work, and into a repeatable process that only you perform. Which is hard to come back from. Get into a rhythm, into that flowing, and you miss it every moment you’re not.

Ultimately, your art is created by connecting the dots of all of your inspirations and unique vision in a way that no one else has ever done before.

In a way that’s never been done before. 

That’s art. That’s the opportunity.

Sure, let others be beacons and guides.

But only you can uncover and share your art.

And we’re starving for it!


Last week’s livestream with Matthew Bogart


I found Matthew’s Patreon via Just Jackson’s Twitter.

Matthew makes webcomics, specifically Incredible Doom, which is about growing up in the 90’s and accessing the internet for the first time.

The comic is a sort of onion, laden with deeper truths and experiences that we all share. I remember going online for the first time, and how it opened my world, so it resonated.

What I didn’t expect was how he modeled, full on 3D modeled, his characters before having them sketched up. And how he’s excited about VR and the future that might bring, although if you can get comics in print, there’s still something special about it.

Although today Matthew does everything on iPad, from the writing to the sketching to shipping it off to the printer. It’s simply harder to sketch on paper. The Kindle gave you one thousand books in your pocket, the Apple Pencil is gives you one thousand brushes. So as PC sales level off, the new creative weapon of choice is iPad pro. These days even Tattoo artists are drawing things with the iPad, everything except the ink…

And he had prepped a PDF (attached a few slides below) for the conversation, as well as some links to tools and inspiration, like Comic Draw, a program that helps you lay out your comic’s script. But, due to some tech issues with sound, we opted to go to Q&A via chat, streamed over OBS connected to my Twitch Stream key.

And speaking of live streams…I’ve decided to fully move over to Twitch as the focus.

It’s about context and playing where the puck is going.

At this point, I’m a Twitch evangelist, because for creatives on there it’s Twitch has yet to have its moment. Unless, you’re in gaming, in which case Twitch is HUGE. Ditto for eSports.

I’m serious, if you’re looking to stream, ping me, I’ll help set you up.

This is about a shift in the digital culture and I want you to go there with me. The tech is still a pain, but I believe in the connection that will happen here. So some will take a peak, scratch their head and come back when the culture shifts.

And the culture always shifts.

So who will break on Twitch creative?

I can see comedy coming next, but if I were a standup I’d opt for Periscope which links best to Twitter. Think about it, if you’re a musician or a stand-up, you can play a club with what.. 10, 30 people in it? Or you can go live on Periscope and get 50, maybe 100! And you can go on every night of the week!

And you can get PAID!

So it’s always in the deep corners that things are happening. Like the Peer to Peer revolution. The underground scene is testing what’s possible, and every day there are tech advancements. For those who are in it, it feels totally normal. For those who aren’t, it seems alien.

But then Oats Studio is on crowdfunding their new short film, reruns of Bob Ross bubble up, H3H3 goes live…

If you skip speaking with me about it, start with Ecamm or OBS. If you’re on a PC Streamlabs might be up your alley, and I’ll give honorable mention to Vimeo and Crowdcast. Pick up a Yeti mic, watch some youtube tutorials and go live.

The platforms, they are a changing…

Matthew’s Patreon 
Comic Draw
Matthew on Twitter

James Sturm
An interview with Kevin Eastmen

What are you streaming right now?

What are you reading right now?

Sunday Caffeine – Wild World

Hey Hey, welcome back to the advanced digital compression engine aka Life.

Writing to you this week from Vegas.

It’s my first time on the Strip, and the W has been the perfect little oasis away from most crowds. Everything here is over the top but has a gritty undertone to it.

I sort of love it.

My interest in photography is feeling renewed. I’ll explain why another time.


The Meme Generation.

Everything has a tinge of irony to it.

Beneath that is stress and anxiety. The meme-ification is a humor response to not knowing just the hell what is happening in society. It’s overwhelming and complex, and so the simplicity of boiling down your anxieties through shared irony I suppose is making people feel better. It’s at least a shared feeling of “WTF is going on?”

The hard thing is the blurred line between what’s real and what’s comedic. As Jay Owens states, maybe these are simply a trojan horse for the truth. Or maybe something to hide behind.

We seem to have found different outlets for our identities through the various sites online.

Sharing our vices and our virtues as status signals and vulnerabilities like messages in a bottle. The problem is most times everyone else is filling the feed with their own quips or self-encouragement that once again we’ve got a sea of media to wade through as we hope someone notices us.

What is stress?

Stress is resistance.

Most commonly and incessantly resistance in the mind.

Things weaken from stress over time, like a building that crumbles from the weight of gravity.

But isn’t it also true that stress causes growth?

I find this is true only in the sense that stress causes your body or mind to find alternative solutions for how to avoid that same stress in the future. In searching for those solutions, we can go about it positively or negatively. We can also obsess over solutions that we don’t put into practice, or we can obsess over solutions that hurt us over time instead of help us.

Positive responses to stress help you avoid having stress again in the future. This is like working out at a certain weight, which causes your muscles to grow, and no longer feel stress with that amount of weight or distance of jog.

Then there are negative methods for future stress avoidance. This is coping with stress rather than growing to avoid it in the future. These are what we call addictions, drugs, television, sex etc.

Our primary goal should be to strengthen in such a way that we no longer have stress.

At that point, we can only take on the stress that we ourselves choose.

Because if we choose it, it is no longer stress, being that stress is resistance.

How to take a photo.

Prepare your device.

First, select your device. Smartphones are easiest to access when on the street or in a building. If you’ve selected your smartphone, swipe your thumb to the left on your home screen to open the camera app. Ensure that any extra lighting is turned off and that the image is full, being that you can crop things in later. Hover your thumb above the screen while using the other hand as support.

Selecting your subject.

More important than the crop of the image or the initial selection of the subject is the emotion of the photographer and the openness of The Eye.

Every image starts in The Eye of the photographer, and the tool that is used in this process simply helps them execute this idea. The photographer must take on a professional demeanor to activate The Eye, which may take some time to warm up. Test shots, roughly three of them, should help you sort any warm-up process for the subject you’ve selected and the activation of readiness.


While audiences may react positively to expected images of common scenes or narratives, you may break through to a larger reaction by capturing the off-kilter, unexpected or often left forgotten. Much imaging technology, such as the drone, the underwater camera, the fisheye lens and the Macro zoom lens has been created simply to achieve a new perspective previously unseen or rarely viewed. These green spaces allow for photographers to immediately provide a new perspective with little risk, however, novelty is often the refuge of the amateur.


Being that your job as a professional is to capture what is in The Eye, patience and ease must be present for the moment to arise naturally. In a way, this is the challenge and game of photography. To see if you are able to capture that which you know could arise in a space or with a subject. Do not feel discouraged if this game is not won in every outing.


With the Eye open, a steady and professional ease, and understanding of both audience and your personal preference for risk, the photographer may line up and allow instinct to select the angle and timing of the image. Remember, even the best images in the world were captured in the few right seconds. Should the photographer be a world-class observer and professional, it’s possible that their entire job could be fulfilled in a matter of seconds.

Teens of Reddit, What is considered cool right now?
(Some response highlights from this question found on Reddit) 

“it’s not really “cool” to have bad grades anymore (if it ever was, or TV is just lying to me.) being smart (but not obsessive) makes you look awesome. a few of the REALLY popular kids in my grade skipped a level in math and are now taking math class with the grade above us. “


“Doing everything ironically. Dabbing, memes, music, anything really”

—“Holographic prints, slime, millennial pink, Adidas Superstars, white converse, basically any white street shoe, joggers, messy buns, Starbucks, retro clothing in general, and oversized sweatshirts ”

“The big one I would note is that kids/teens today are much more aware of the world around them and interested in making a difference, activism etc. As a senior this is something I’ve definitely noticed changing over the past several years. My understanding is that it used to be cool to not care but now it’s the opposite. As an example, the other day I heard two 13 year old middle school kids discussing AI and how we need a basic income on the bus. That’s crazy. Or even just in school. More and more teachers are realizing that to connect with students they have to relate information to the real world.”


That’s it for today but I’ll be back again soon – more conferences coming up soon, one here in LA that’s about Blockchain tech that I should be live-tweeting from or something of the sort. I’ll at least get you the recap. Enjoy your week and don’t hesitate to be yourself,

— David Sherry

Today’s References

Post Authenticity and the Real Truths of Meme Culture.

Teens of Reddit, what is considered cool right now?

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Outside/Inside the hotel.

Getting “good” at meditation and yoga.

Getting “Good” at Yoga
I got an email the other day with a note from a Yoga teacher in Columbus who’s class I used to attend.

She said she’d taken this down in her notebook about a year ago:

“I’ll often hear students say, “I’m not good at yoga.” What does ‘good’ at yoga mean? I have a regular student whom I strive to be like.
David definitely has one of the most inflexible bodies I’ve ever seen.

But his personality is the opposite. He’s always willing to modify, never looking around the room comparing himself. He’s doing what he needs to do.  

Now I’m not sure I’m a model student or anything like that. In fact, at that time in my life, I was doing yoga because I was overly stressed. And truly, I can barely touch my toes.

But this raises an interesting question…

Who is “better” at yoga…

The person who enjoys every minute, and laughs when they fall?

Or the person who strives to be great, attends every lecture, pushes themselves and the moment they don’t achieve they’re upset?

It starts with looking at the heart of what yoga is.

What’s the goal? Or is there a goal at all?

Or similarly, with meditation.

Who’s more “meditative;” the person who wakes up excited and grateful, has a clear mind while at the store, while with their family…

Or the person who wakes up precisely at 6am, uses oils, sits in the correct posture for 20 minutes and recites precisely their mantra, but without quality and presence?

So is it about the sitting and the postures or the stretches or is it about a certain type of embodiment?

And are you allowed to have something if you didn’t struggle for it?

See, some people arrive, often, even if not all of the time, but without the struggle.

Others practice so that they can one day arrive, and then think that by not arriving yet, they must be doing something wrong (sometimes the case), so they double down on the practice with such intensity that “arriving” becomes even further from their grasp.

Following a prescriptive-adherence to the rules, which ironically blinds them, entirely missing the point of a practice.

Let’s look simply at the reality here.

Arriving can only happen today. Because that time in the future, always becomes a today.

And so even if it’s not full, even if it’s just some cracks of light shining through in your practice, your study, or your work.  What we’re looking for is bringing a certain quality to our approach.

That’s what getting “good” is.

And it starts today.

If you’re just joining us, this is Creative Caffeine, an ongoing conversation about using our creativity to earn a living without losing our soul. I’m David, conductor of the group and founder of Death to the Stock Photo.Hit reply if you have something to share.
(I occasionally share a roundup of community responses – and if you have a question I’ll try and respond)

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The Golden Age

Is Tweeting art?

And is art curation now happening on Instagram?

My question is about our frame of reference for history.

As in, every so often there’s a cycle of history in which we go through a period of time of great artistic development: A golden age. Which, by the way, funny how the “golden” ages always refer to a time of art development and liberalism, freeing some portion of our human nature from it’s shackles.

So are we living through the new Renaissance or the Apocalypse? Are we in a revolt to bring freedoms and decentralization to the world or are we closing in on ourselves?

Only time will tell. But in just the last two decades we’ve developed the internet, the smart phone, and video streaming.

Think on that for a minute.

Whether we’re in a golden age or not let’s look at the realities. Tech is accelerating, exponentially, and it’s leaving us reeling. The greatest thinkers of our time are using Twitter to spread their message (Elon Musk).

Hip-hop is the dominant genre of music. Business is global. Aside from biotech and other bleeding edge tech, creativity is the un-machineable skillset and asset. And, as Paul Graham speaks about, coding is the new art.

“Hacking and painting have a lot in common. In fact, of all the different types of people I’ve known, hackers and painters are among the most alike. What hackers and painters have in common is that they’re both makers. Along with composers, architects, and writers, what hackers and painters are trying to do is make good things. They’re not doing research per se, though if in the course of trying to make good things they discover some new technique, so much the better.”

We’re simply using the tools of our time, and to me it looks like a new renaissance.

The pulse of the culture is uncomfortable because what’s being recognized and created is not what came before it. The homage is no longer the busts we see in Rome but the fashion shows in Milan, the Yeezus Tour, the iPhone.

Would Da Vinci, born today, be drawing plans for a new building or a new voice enabled ear-phone?

The answer is both.

Further reading:
Leonardo Da Vinci – Walter Isaacson Leonardo-Vinci-Walter- Isaacson/dp/1501139150

Last Week’s Livestream with Sian Richardson

We’ve all got the same tools, but some use them differently.

Which is why in the era of democratized design (i.e Squarespace, Canva et all), it’s harder and harder to stand out.

Sian’s work has always stood out to me. It’s always looked like it’s… hers. So when I saw her work about 3-4years ago I knew I should reach out. Actually, what caught me was the copywriting, which lead me to find and work with her copywriter on early DTS brand messaging (Hillary Weiss), but that’s another story.

When you look behind the scenes of Sian’s work the tools are no different.
The Squarespace site… even stock photos. It’s just that the output has a certain soul to it.

We got to see her designing some layouts live and showcasing a few of the tools that make that possible. Mostly it comes from the inspiration you pull, of which Sian prefers in-hand print.

And I’d tell you to watch the replay, but the truth is it’s better live.

And, as the show takes shape, I’m seeing that the best moments are unplanned and when we go on tangents. Which happen from chat input from community members voicing their views. What we get is a feeling of discovery as we peruse the web, finding new rabbit holes and topics to explore.

Like TriviaHQ and the rise of fitness vlogging.

Yeah, there are still some hiccups. But those will be ironed out over time. I’ve got a post brewing in my mind about today’s streaming tools, of which I’m leaving no rock unturned. Youtube or Twitch? I’m also feverishly trying to get a grasp on who in the space is making waves?

It’s still early days.

Turn the controls over to today’s forward-thinking creators and Artists.

Then sit back and soak it in.

xoxo David

Glitch Effect
Layout Design

Sunday Caffeine – First Principles, Chronos


Welcome back to earth, circa 2018. April 8th, to be precise.

This community has special abilities. The thoughtful comments in response to each email, the ideas and dots being connected… our weekly Friday hangouts.

But, I agree with this note from a subscriber, Hanna.

“Not to bash the email full of email replies, but… there are easier ways to do this on the internet… I think you’ve got a super great intimate community growing through your emails, and I can see it growing into something more … “

You all are the early pioneers here, which is why I want to share updates with you as things progress. You also see things start small and then take shape.

But no there won’t be a Facebook group.  Or Slack. These tend to prove noisy and are housed in places with other intents/distractions. Email is still the feed that matters, and the feed that hasn’t been warped by the algorithm. It’s the perfect mix of serious business, meets helpful distractions. It’s a delicate balance.

Don’t oversubscribe yourself.

Updates to the Creative Caffeine site

Are coming. With some additional functions, like a section for community conversations, and reference links to everything I’m consuming related to my writing. Email is the front door. This is joining me in the foyer.

So, for community discussion, I’m looking at Discourse. Believe me, I’ve checked out the options. Then again, I’m open to testing some new platforms here. In the future… SMS? Hell, VR when it’s here:)

Like most tools, many have promise, few withstand over time.

You can update your email preferences (weekly/daily).

My schedule for writing is… most days.

Typically 3-5 times per week. If this is bothersome to you, I made it possible to receive only the single Sunday Caffeine email. Now linked in the footer. It’s not what I’d recommend, but then again it’s possible I have a certain bias for these matters.

The new secret, non-secret project. 

The beauty of a new project is having the ability to go back entirely to “First Principles” thinking.

We’ve known this since Aristotle, but surprisingly few use this to their advantage. We get so stuck in our fields or echo chambers we forget to put our head above water.

First, you start with “why.”

Who am I, why am I here? What’s down there in the depths of what I want to see in the world?

Then you put a few quarters into the coin-operated scope to look at the landscape.

What are today’s tools? What are today’s truths?  What are today’s assumptions that may be false?

This is the only advantage which the young have in their naivety. They get to start from their field as it stands precisely in this moment, without any baggage. So they pick up the newest tool and run with them as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. Meanwhile, we’re left watching them speed off into the sunset as we awkwardly put our feet on the pedals.

So I’ve been texting friends at scatter-shot with questions like,
“Hey, who’s the most forward-thinking community-builder you know?” 

I’ve had few concise answers… David Spinx was mentioned, so I sent him about 3 rapid fire emails. I’m looking for the people who don’t know they’re great at what they’re doing. I’m looking for the naturals. They’re the ones hiding in plain sight!

Your momentum should be going from Imitations to Originals.
Don’t’ try and be someone you’re not.

Your input, you, matter.

Have an excellent week.

xoxo David

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(/ˈkroʊnɒs/; Greek: Χρόνος, “time”, pronounced [kʰrónos], also transliterated as Khronos or Latinised as Chronus) is the personification of Time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature.

This has been my experience. 
(via K-Hole)

Do you trust this computer?
Terrifying, but also enlightening. If you want to know the potentials for Ai, this documentary has a wide range of experts including Elon Musk and Jonathan Nolan.​

Diner on a Cliff
From a secret location near SF. *Patty took this on her girls trip.