Being You

We all just want to be free to be ourselves, don’t we?
Isn’t that what we’re really after?

But most of the time we don’t feel like we’ll be accepted as just that.

So instead we learn to act a bit different for acceptance. And maybe it’s an age thing and my compatriots are still working through it. Or, maybe it lasts a while because you get so used to it, it becomes automatic and hard to break.

We even develop multiple new ways of acting, depending on who we’re around. Playing the part for a group instead of playing ourselves. And playing a part is exhausting.

And you play along to pay the bills.  They want you to drink their kool-aid, not your own. Of course, you’ve got to collaborate and mesh with your team, but the best teams allow all to share and accept their various views on the matter as their truth and empower you beyond (instead of trapping you in).

So on some level, some parts of us get stuffed down, hidden from view. And what we’re pretending to be get’s reinforced by others. Because if you mess up your lines, what does that say about their role?

But deep down we’ve all got that urge.

And so when someone stands up, despite of their own fear, we tend to rally around them. This is a how a tribe gets started. Someone speaking the truth of the others. Someone created a safe home for those that feel like they’re outcast (we all feel like we’re an outcast). Someone gives you permission to be you.

That’s the power of a leader. To create a magnet for those to wake up something inside of themselves that was lost or covered up and allow it to flourish.  That’s the power of an individual. Which is why the impact can ripple across a culture. Like MLK.

But the impact comes at a price.

So, often, there’s a tradeoff. Money or impact. Acceptance or truth. Devotion or stability.And the bigger you go, the bigger the system pushes back.

MLK get’s killed. Nelson Mandela goes to prison…

We’ve got some internal math to do about how much we’re willing to trade. Because no matter how big or small the act is, speaking our own truth is difficult. It could be simple as sending an email or telling your friends to come see you in a play. It takes building a tolerance to live with the pushback or act despite of the fear.

And some of the biggest truths we learn, the biggest impacts that happen to us,  we learn solo. And even if we tried to describe it, we fear we’ll be seen as crazy or it won’t come out right when we tell others.

Or sometimes we fear if we let the truth slip it will disappear from our grasp, and so our truth remains a secret.

How do some do it? I think they just can’t help it. Playing along is just too much effort, there’s no will for doing it any other way. Not that it makes things easier, often they may wish they felt otherwise.

But we all feel it.

Here’s an email I got today from an artist we work with…

“Some days I wonder if doing something so different is worth it?”

Ironically, it’s being ourselves makes us feel unsure.

But if we can do so, successfully, we give others the assurance that we’ve been seeking.

And if we build our confidence, our message will spread far without any other effort.

That’s power. That’s being you.

xx David

Sunday Caffeine – Home on Vacation

Welcome back to earth, the month is now March.

We’ve had two days of rain. Saturday I experienced my first ever workout at “Barry’s” (It’s Globo-gym, British trainers yelling at you and all). Then to Echo Park for lunch at Honey Hi. And today an excursion to Ikea.

I took the 405 to Burbank, pulled up my podcasts app and browsed through what was on deck. Politics dominates the feed, but I skip that for interviews

Jennifer Lawrence on Maron, some banter about her new movie, which I quickly switched over to Dan Carlin on Joe Rogan.

Dan does Harcore History, epic 3+ hour shows about ancient war-time history. It started in 2005 and he’s only 61 episodes in, if that tells you anything about the research and quality.
The Wrath of the Khans” series being my favorite.

Anyways, they were in a debate about how informed the average citizen is today on politics and is it even possible to have informed voter any more? And will the future of gerrymandering be some type of truth-complexity?

And now I was back to politics… so I ultimately landed on Rich Roll’s interview with David Goggins, a Navy Seal who’s completed dozens of ultra-marathons and set the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours (4,030 if you were curious).

I want to understand someone’s mindset. To explore a new worldview, especially when they’re much different than my own. Right now I’m loving the rawness of Goggins, so I picked up Jesse Itzler’s book about living with Goggins for a month and training with him in Living with a Seal.

These days we flip so quickly to the next station, next channel, the next, next…

And for some reason as I’m driving, I’m thinking about my time back in 2013 when I was just out of school.

Where on Sundays I would try and disappear.

I’d sit in a bakery on main, in the back of the kitchen where they had a single table for the regulars. I’d order a lemon bar and a pour over and occasionally meet with Chris McAlister and he’d come from teaching a course at Capitol. Or I’d head to The Table and talk with the bar staff at the lull in the day between shifts from 1-3 PM while they turned over tables and prepped for dinner. I’m the odd one who brings the book to the bar and sits at the end without talking much. Sip a negroni and a coffee and eventually, we’d get into a discussion and I’d go back to reading as the shift picked up.

It’s that feeling you get, like when you travel.

You’re a stranger but you’re also relaxed because you have no place to be.

To me, that’s doing the day right.

Where can I go where I am both recognized and left alone?

Where can I sit where I’m in no hurry?

I bring a pile of books and a few notebooks…

And I find that space in between my work having started and being finished. It’s a type of rapture. And my mug is half full but still warm…

You don’t want it to end.

What I am is on vacation.
And I’m within a few miles from home.
And I’m sitting, writing without an agenda.

And I’m soaking up the day.

xx David

mixed media

You want to become uncommon among uncommon people.
– David Goggins


Community Hangout // 002

Hey all,

Doing an impromptu community hangout/livestream in the next 5-10 minutes (~12:20 PM PST.)

Use this link here to join:


  • No real agenda, browsing the web, Q&A chatting about new projects, recent posts.
  • Bring your own tea/coffee or link of preference.

Think of this like our coffee shop, a study hall..
browsing the web with friends in between class…

xx David

Status and Shame

This is one of the most important ideas to understand of our time.
And Seth Godin brings the concept of “Status Roles” it into the conversation in his new podcast, Akimbo.

Seth uses stories to help illustrate his point about status roles, and for some, they will listen and be merely entertained.

But if you read behind the lines and you see the inner-workings…
If you’re aware of the history he speaks about…
If you can tie in understanding from the work of Brené Brown and the history of luxury brands…

You will see the world differently.

And so marketing works because we seek status.
And sales work because we seek to be RID of shame, and achieve status.

The tension between status and shame drives much of our human behavior.

It’s why we continue to purchase ever bigger houses or flaunt our lifestyle on Instagram (which conveniently ranks our following).

It’s why we cover up our hurts and put on a happy face at work…

It pulls the invisible strings that shift our mood in an instant.

It insights jealousy, and sometimes awe.

Status: There’s a voice in the back of your head that’s continuously checking for your place in the pecking order, 24/7.

It’s on a loop, it’s looking to check, verify, and place you in a hierarchy.

And we think to ourselves, am I moving up or am I moving down? 

Shame: The invisible force pressured upon you for not being somewhere else in the hierarchy.

The eyes of the people around you looking down on your decisions.
The trolls commenting on your page. The downvotes.

Of course, it’s all how we look at it and how we personally perceive it, but…

Status: A rock star on stage performing for a crowd.
Shame: Your first open-mic night.

Status: Buying an expensive and fancy car.
Shame: Picking up a date in a station wagon.

Status: Ordering the most expensive wine.
Shame: Deciding to give up alcohol.

Status: Giving up alcohol and speaking publicly about it.
Shame: Covering up a drinking problem or addiction.

Status: Buying Gucci, or even knock-off Gucci.
Shame: Being seen walking into a pawn shop.

Status: Pride for one’s country.
Shame: Forced Immigration.

Status: Showing off your new iPhone X
Status: Showing off that you still use a flip-phone.

Status: Earning a living as an Uber driver.
Shame: Earning a living as an Uber Driver.

And so what can be done about this?

How do we escape from this cycle that drives us forward and pressures us to hide?

Do we become cynics of the system?

Well, there’s a way, and cynicism may help you get there but it’s not where you want to end up.

It starts with understanding. It starts with seeing behind the curtain.
Recognizing forces that were all around us but that we never saw before.

See the hierarchy as simply yourself and no one else.

Connect with all other individuals as if they are in their own race, instead of competition.

Accept that you’re naked, and you will be free from shame.

And suddenly the mirage you’ve been walking towards, built and sustained by yourself and others, slowly disappears…

And it can be replaced by room to discover the purpose of your own.

And you can willingly buy into what you choose to, from a healthy place of understanding and from passion rather than from pressure.

And what else happens…?

Jealousy turns into the realization that others are simply status seeking.

Shame turns into the realization that others are simply attempting to assert their status above yours.

Why else would a 45-year-old man spend hours per day shaming and trolling others online, trying to discredit them or make them feel bad?

And maybe at first, when you realize this you get angry.

And then you laugh.

And then,

You can love.

As always, hit reply with your thoughts, ideas, or if you’re stuck want to chat branding, technology etc…

xx David

The Power of the Individual

Becoming the message is better than creating the message.

You can try and persuade, you can copy-write and strategically, plan a speech.

But the great leaders of the world haven’t won our hearts and minds through language. Instead, they embody the message.

And we don’t hear it, but we feel it.

It’s hard to describe. And we’re drawn to that type of energy because we see that they’ve found or seen something we haven’t. We follow because we seek to be transformed. So we exalt the leader.

But the leverage of the internet has shifted the dynamic of power.
Is there anything more clear in 2018 that the individual has power beyond anything we’ve seen before?

To speak a truth. To reach a million people with a single tweet even if you don’t have a following?

Do you know you have that power now?
It’s hard to let that responsibility and that opportunity, fully sink in.

Of course, it’s not simply available to anyone instantly utilize.

One must embody a deep truth of sorts.
Then, speak that truth when it’s primed for the culture to hear, to react.

And so, suddenly a 16-year-old with an iPhone can speak to the world, share her voice, and speak her truth for those who stay silent or placate.

Sure, there are trolls, or there are those that will laugh off a voice due to age, gender, or economic status.

The people in power today think they should have more say than you because of their status. The more money in your bank account, the more you’re voice should be heard?

I don’t buy it.

Which is why this bravery from these high school teens is so compelling. Because we’ve seen the embodiment of a message. Now it’s those affected who are standing up. And it’s up to us to at least listen, put ourselves in their shoes.

This isn’t about agenda.I’m not claiming to have answers, but I am claiming that your voice matters as much as your neighbors, and that a precursor to change is listening, as is leadership with skin in the game.

That’s what gets our attention: skin-in-the-game.

And those who lead with skin in the game, who share their voice from a genuine place, we absorb. It’s almost like the best leadership comes from a form of innocence rather than dominance.

Feaux leadership seeks to confuse us. To add complexity to prove their authority.

True leadership brings simplicity to the truth.

A purity that we can feel in the message.

So it’s in your power to have a voice.

To speak your truth.

But maybe, just maybe it’s also worth listening to others with skin in the game. Forget the pundits. Forget the politicians.They have been given the platform, but it hasn’t always been earned.

Your neighbors, classmates, service workers, local communities…

Their voices are worth our respect.

Wale and Jerry Seinfeld

I totally missed it.

Back in 2015, Wale, a D.C. rapper and Jerry Seinfeld put together a record.

How does something like this even come together?

“So I had heard his name and then he came to a show and asked if he could say hello, so he came backstage. I thought he was a very charming young man. And then I heard about the mixtape, and he came up with the idea of doing the whole album. It just felt so offbeat and that’s what appeals to me.” – Seinfeld


I’m a huge Jerry Seinfeld fan. I’ve seen all of the interviews but this record slipped through the cracks.

Jerry is a sucker for the offbeat. It’s why he did the Bee movie, a kids movie with adult humor. When you hear him interviewed, he’s got equal part lessons and equal part mystery. That’s the thing about Seinfeld, it’s like he barely talks. He scrapes the surface with everyone and it bothers you because you want to know more about what’s really going on under the hood.

It bothers you because he seems to be totally OK in a world of comics who are typically needy for attention and troubled (which makes their art, great).

I suppose only Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle have landed in this place, at least later in life where it seems like they can just be themselves.

If you want to dive in, there are classic interviews on Stern back from when his show was a hit. There’s some behind the scenes on the set interviews of him and Larry David. And, a more inspective view when he goes on Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing” and the most you get out of him is that he’s content.

So he’s part lessons part mystery.

Or maybe it’s that the lesson is that there is no mystery to his work, he just works at it.

But what’s incredible about Seinfeld is the trajectory of his career.

He creates the greatest show o all time, and then follows it not by taking over the world, not by cashing in like the Marvel series with unlimited budget pumping out show after show…

Instead, he waits. He’s comfortable with that one hit.

Then he bides his time and then he strikes when he sees an opportunity. But he knows that he’ll never hit mass appeal again. So instead he seeks out the weird, and the interesting, the new and different.

He meets Wale. And Wale has a concept for an album the relates to the show.  “The Album About Nothing” 

And like his other moves, the masses miss it.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was turned down by every online presence except the unknown “Crackle Media” which effectively died after they couldn’t continue to pay for the rights. But now you can view CICGC on Netflix.

It’s always about your latest hit. And apparently, even Netflix and Amazon didn’t believe he could produce again.

But back to the album, and to Wale.

I learned this bit of Jerry trivia because of Wale’s interview on Pete Holmes “You Made it Weird.” It’s a comedic show with a bent towards the bigger questions in life like religion, with guests ranging from Rob Bell and Aaron Rogers. And sometimes you love Pete for his joy and sense of humor and sometimes he talks too much over the guest…

But on the show Wale is refreshing.

He sees between the lines of old school hip hop culture and the new breed of rappers. Jay Z, Snoop, Dre and all the others lived the gangster life on the streets and rapped about it because it was their life!

Rappers today talk about drugs and guns but it’s more a metaphor for the culture, for the history, and it’s not always from real experience. There’s a divide between the old-school rappers and the new school. But the topics are the same, it’s just the worlds are different. Except for possibly drugs which are prevalent everywhere.

The name of the game for hip-hop is collaboration. So maybe it’s only natural that Wale is open to all and any collaborators, even Jerry Seinfeld.

What’s appealing about Wale is his earnest perspective, matched with a focus, which comes from his internal struggle of fearing failure.

Jerry is about the cash. He leverages art that’s working for top dollar. He’ll do the club for free to polish his skills, but when he’s got something to sell that he believes in, he goes for asking for as much as he can. It’s unclear what his monetary role was here.

But you put them together, and you bridge communities by uniting around a show that everyone can love, Seinfeld. That’s the idea anyway.

It hit #1, but I’m not sure the culture can sync up with something like this anymore.

Which is why this can go right on by without notice.

And I admit, personally after a few listens…it’s not quite there for me. I prefer his 2011 Album “Ambition” produced by Rick Ross. His happy/pop style upbeat album.

But the point is Wale and Jerry tried something new.

Something worth talking about. They knew it wouldn’t be for everyone and it’s this type of artistry that’s needed to break outside the noise and gather interest.

We want something fresh.
Doing that means taking a risks. Likely, it won’t work. But just maybe…

So, you keep putting out product.

This is the mixtape ethos.

You keep putting out product.

Sunday Briefing – A Spark

A fire doesn’t start until a there’s a single spark.

You can have all of the kindling in place, dry wood and brush, but until there’s that light…

There’s no fire.


Welcome back to another week on earth, the 8th week of the year.

Writing in from Big Bear California, from an antique-filled cabin where there’s snow on the ground, a faint smell of burning brush outside and this morning we had pancakes. (!!)

Weekends are for work… or they are for getting away.

And mostly my life tends to follow that binary reality. I’m in my work routine 7 days a week, or I’m off somewhere, almost totally forgetting about who I was during the week.

If I’m doing a good job at this, I’m totally engrossed in either version. It’s only when I confuse these two people that result in a type of stress… away but thinking about work, or working but thinking about being away

Anyways, weekends make things choppy.
So it’s hard to sort out which of these lives I prefer.

Because the game of being creative is about momentum.

Then again, If we keep going full steam ahead, we risk getting caught in the trap of running in circles.

The same breakfasts, visiting the same stores, the same work, the same people and on and on… moving “forward” in circles.

It’s a path of comfort. And it’s a blur. Following the same grooves again and again even though you keep hitting the same pothole every go-round.

So, knowing which of these routine-comforts propels you and which traps you… that’s the tricky part.

So we continue along in the same patterns, the same cycles, the same blips on the monitor again and again unaware…

Until something happens. And something always happens.

Could be months or years or decades. Someone or something comes into our lives and pulls us from this cycle and changes our trajectory.

Is it a new opportunity? A new relationship?
Or is it an illness? A death? A wakeup call?

Life will change you.

But in the meantime, you can change your life.

Become your own course-correct. The positive kind. The one that sets yourself on a new trajectory.

There’s a nascent ability inside us that’s ready to wake up to what’s next. And when life throws us new textures we can find them enjoyable and interesting and a curious part of what it means to be human. Joy in the challenge of it all.

And so every week we create.
And every weekend we create space to see ourselves.

And when we get together with friends we listen to them and see how we can nudge them forward and support.

Positive inertia for your friends, family, and colleagues.

A friendly push into the next discomfort.

A spark for the world.

Media Junk Food

Too many emails are coming in.

Not from person to person. I love receiving those.

Heck, I love email. Hit reply and I want to get back to you, even if I always can’t. And with email, you can reach almost anyone in the world. I sent about 4 just today to people I’ve never yet met. It’s like your inbox is this wonderful place full of opportunity.

And It’s the gateway to making things happen. It’s how you introduce people, activate people to volunteer, share insight, notify people of your upcoming show…

It’s also the last feed where you can control the experience and have a conversation one-on-one.

Facebook’s having an existential crisis because they’ve ruined the experience by allowing the flow of too much information. Which is why it’s time to get back to local. Get back to relevant and personal communication.

But slowly email has been ever-crowding with E-blasts into the oblivion. Social media tactics ported over to email.

Some subject lines from my inbox today:

“The #1 Mistake Aspiring Speakers Make”
“Reason #2 to get off the fence”
“Hottest Way to Get Warm Leads”

I’m tempted to click but I don’t.

Funny how the impulse get’s you.

You’re at work, and the back of your mind is unknowingly scanning for shortcuts. And the subject lines feed into that.

Or maybe we just want to be doing anything other than what we’re doing right now. The keys to the world are right underneath our nose, heck, probably right in the middle of the task that you’re currently avoiding.

But instead, we reach for the marshmallow.

But I don’t blame you, the industry is built on this.
I’m likely guilty of this same thing on occasion.

Have you read “Hooked”?

“the hook model-a four-step process embedded into the products of many successful companies to subtly encourage customer behavior.

Through consecutive “hook cycles,” these products reach their ultimate goal of bringing users back again and again without depending on costly advertising or aggressive messaging…”

Basically: Ther’es a model that hacks our brains reward system to leave us addicted to your product.

Basically: Psychological addiction is a major component of Social Media products, and is actively hired for. Daily Active Usage at all costs.

But we know this.

It’s only that recently the conversation is turning and some of us are changing our diet. Abandoning most outlets in exchange for a small trusted few. And I’m developing a poor taste for most anything prescribed to the masses.

First, because it needs to be stripped of its insight to fill the demand for shortcuts and shallow insight.

Second, because tactically if we’re all doing the same things we’re likely doing nothing interesting.

Third, because try as the writer/producer may, many times things are misinterpreted.

So lately I’ve developed a downright aversion to some media.

Hey, we should enjoy junk food from time to time. There’s no shame in lovingly consuming something you know is bad for your body but good for your soul. And sometimes Buzzfeed et. all just feel pleasurable.

But they’re not nutritious.

Anyways, I’m ranty because I immediately regretted buying the latest marketing book I purchased.

Not because it lacked insight, but because of the 9-12 chapters surrounding the insight. And the 9-12 freebie downloads I was given which left me feeling empty.

They were full of copy suggestions for effect, and scripts that are meant to grab you that you can use etc. etc…

See, I was curious about surveys and asking the community questions that help you learn and get feedback.

It was when I was working on the census. So I bought the book, began listening…

And then after 2 hours of work, I recognized that everything I read at first felt right, and then felt implicitly wrong.

Tactically correct, but tone def.

So I tossed most of it and created based on instinct, keeping only a small % of learnings.

So where does that leave us?

Am I a part of this or outside of it?

Let’s get back to it: What we want is truth.

We want people who can speak to us in ways that invite our interests instead of trick us into buying in, only to feel a lack of substance in exchange.

If you think this is about simply just not selling, you’re incorrect. We’re always selling; our ideas, our projects, and you pay with time or attention or dollars.

It’s just that now we want to be engaged with thoughtfully in the process. To not be seen as a data point.

And that doesn’t mean you can’t do this at scale.

Steve Jobs and Jony Ive spoke to us thoughtfully. Nike speaks to us thoughtfully. They have an opinion on the world and you feel that they want the best for US.

They believe in our ability, but they stick to their own truth. We can go to them if we need, but we don’t have to if that’s not our taste.

It’s your life.

These aren’t bad intentioned people writing these. They are intelligent. I just feel as if they’re giving people what they want but not what they need.

Or they’re giving people what they’re compelled to click on but not which give them a sense of wellbeing or insight or meaning. Then again, it’s your diet.

Then again…

When people see the truth, they prefer it.
Or at least, all those who are seekers in this life, do.

xx David

Sunday Briefing – Spirited Away

The reason you didn’t hear from as much last week is that I don’t send on a schedule.

Nights, weekends, mornings… I only share things when I can’t help but hit send. My email outbox is more like a magnet than a megaphone.

Why waste your time, or mine, on something that doesn’t have that feeling behind it?

But that doesn’t mean I’m not writing all of the time.

I’m taking notes constantly, filling Evernote,, and even my own inbox with emails addressed to myself to review.

I wonder if after I’m gone somehow my future family will get access to this pile of notes, quotations and half-written articles?
Like the stacks of papers in your grandfather’s den, but digital.

Sunday is the one day in my head to give a consistent update. It seems to help me get my bearings for the week, and it adds some context for where we’re at.

Since I’m already onto it, this go-round I’ll continue with more behind the scenes.

If there’s one rule I use for getting past writer’s block, it’s “start by saying something true.”

So Sunday’s I try and empty my head as much as possible of all of the static from the week so that “something true” can bubble up. Usually, this is where my best thinking about my priorities show up as well. Preparing for the week, to me, is the opposite of what you’d expect. I try and not plan, or think, at all. And that is exactly what gives me the space to see things clearly.

My other rule is to become the message.

You see writing or note taking is a type of study in actualization.

You gather. You curate. You rip pages from magazines and you piece together a collage to hang up on your wall in your bedroom in hopes that one day… you become that collage

The beautiful thing about the community responses and conversations being shared here is that we get to see a bit of someone else’s collage. What are they seeing, noticing, and hoping to become?

Another way to see “become the message” is recognizing that your embodiment of an idea or cause is more powerful than talking about it.

Which is more about how to live than how to write.
And more about action than discussion.

They will follow you if you have already transformed, not if you simply tell them to transform…

So what are you listening to? Who are you listening to?

And when was the last time you cleared out all of the noise and answered those questions with “myself”?

Have a great week, and speak again soon,

xx David



I just came back from seeing “Spirited Away” which is considered the best animated film of all time. It was MUCH better the 2nd time and on 35mm. Something felt familiarly-worn about watching it that way with the scratches and marks showing on the screen.

RE: Your Single Biggest Creative Challenge

Re: What’s your single biggest challenge as a creative today?

“I have visions so much bigger but can’t justify the time by knowing how much it could bring in or, worse, knowing it will be meaningless financially but fulfilling creatively. That stuff–which I love–loses almost every time.”


“I put a lot of pressure on myself to write, and I still really struggle with putting my stuff out there. I suspect a lot of my best work is sitting in my saved drafts.”



“Feeding all the fires between current clients, wrapping up reviews and portfolios with past clients, and nurturing new ideas/projects. I thrive off of challenging myself and finding balance. But sometimes the new ideas are too enticing and I’d rather dream about the future than do today’s work.”



“I’ve been full of the creative energy to start projects lately, but with my full-time school and multiple part-time jobs I’m worried I won’t be able to get any of them done on time, let alone all of them. It’s difficult to choose where to put my energy and to find the time to see them through. ”



“As much as I love being the main creative for our company, it’s starting to feel lonely. It’s hard to spend all your time working around people who don’t understand what you do. As a matter of fact, no, I can’t just “Sketch up a logo real quick when I have a second,” or “Throw together some new package designs this week.” That’s really not how this works. ”



“I know I’m a creative person, but I can’t seem to figure out what to put that creative drive behind. Being a recent college grad, I am presented with many paths my life could take. And while I do believe you can change your life path at any age/time, I often freeze in the face of the multitude of options I have at this current crossroads.”



“I think I’ve reached the peak of my already stretched creative capabilities. I am struggling with whether to hire people to help me write blogs, create social media posts, and just handle content marketing in general so I can focus on the core fundamentals of my growing side hustle.”



“I am just setting up a brand & content consultancy. My single biggest challenge at the moment is finding the right creatives to work with to solve specific challenges. Business challenges tend to be multi-dimensional. I need multi-dimensional talent.. strategically-led creatives with commercial nouse.”



“I took on too many things (new day job, very intensive and time-consuming evening course) and now I barely have time or energy to continue getting (interesting.) proofreading and translation work. ”



“My biggest challenge is indecisiveness leading to not finishing an idea out of my comfort zone. I create instrumentals for music licensing and recently have felt stuck overthinking quality, which then led to abandoned projects. Self doubt led to a graveyard of beats. ”



” Not exactly a creative in my field but have lots of ideas, for which i dont find the right kind of people. I work in the chemistry industry, there is a bunch of creative ideas that come up along with knowing the attributes and reactions of certain chemicals, with artwork to match.

Been looking for someone to share that vision with me. ”


Real quick: I’ve read every response to the census, and I hear you. You have creativity inside of you that you want to share with the world. And deep down you know you’ve got more inside to share.

Which is why I’m creating something new – building a different type of community – no to do list hacks, no promises of instant riches (although hey, maybe someday), but instead; regular motivation and courage to create and ship your work, all while supporting artists in the process.

Of course, this will come with an extra shot of caffeine.

It should be coming soon, until then…
Back to regular programming.

xx David